The Fleet Success Show

Episode 140: Not a Plug for Dave Ramsay’s EntreLeadership Summit

Episode Summary

Josh Turley and Marc Canton are buzzing from their recent trip to the EntreLeadership Summit. They’re so fired up they had to share their favorite transformational moments and why it’s a must-attend event for fleet managers. Tune in to this episode for real talk about mental health, advice for navigating difficult conversations, and hopeful trade school admissions statistics.

Episode Notes

If you’ve never been to Dave Ramsay’s EntreLeadership Summit, you might want to mark your calendar for next May. Josh and Marc say it has the power to transform lives, careers, and fleets. 

They just got back from this year’s summit and are still fired up. In this episode of The Fleet Success Show, our co-hosts share their key takeaways and explain how this pivotal event shaped RTA’s entire approach to fleet success. 

From prioritizing mental health and avoiding burnout to navigating uncomfortable conversations and building an anti-hustle culture, you'll get some sage advice from some smart leaders.

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