The Fleet Success Show

Episode 138: Tony's NAFA Recap

Episode Summary

Josh Turley and Tony Yankovich are here to fill you in on the big takeaways from NAFA 2024. Hot topics included everything from navigating supply chain issues to the newest hat fleet managers must be prepared to wear to the talk of the show floor—the new RTA booth. If you missed the show, don’t miss this episode.

Episode Notes

Did you make it to NAFA Institute & Expo 2024? Josh couldn’t attend this time around so he caught up with Tony to find out what he missed. The list was long. 

In this episode, Tony recounts highlights from the 3-day conference, including:

- How the current supply chain issues affect replacement planning

- Why flexibility is critical to fleet survival

- How natural disasters are impacting the automotive industry

- The newest hat fleet managers must be prepared to wear

- And who had the best booth on the show floor. (We’ll give you a hint… it wasn’t those other guys.)

If you didn’t get to this year's show, be sure to check out this episode for information, insights, and some big moments.

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