The Fleet Success Show

Episode 132 - Upgrading Your Fleet Maintenance Facility for the Future

Episode Summary

Tony Yankovich is joined by special guest, Norman Barrientos, president of Barrientos Design and Consulting, to discuss the needs of future fleet maintenance facilities. They explain how to make sure your shop can support electric vehicles, renewable energy, robotic technology, and more. If a new maintenance facility is on your horizon, you don't want to miss this important episode.

Episode Notes

Next to the people working in your operation, your maintenance facility is really the most important piece of your fleet. A well-planned shop will make a world of difference in productivity levels, employee experience, and customer satisfaction.

According to architectural and design leader, Norman Barrientos, fleet maintenance practices have changed more in the last five years than in the previous 30. Legacy shops no longer support the needs of a modern fleet. 

Norman has designed over 100 fleet facilities. This week, he sat down with Tony Yankovic to explain exactly how fleet maintenance facilities of the future need to be structured. He covers everything from bays built for electric vehicles to clean rooms for robotic technology.  

If a new fleet facility is in your future—whether you're in the dreaming or planning stage—tune in for Norman's expert advice. 

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