The Fleet Success Show

Episode 128: Fleet Management Challenges that Keep You Up at Night

Episode Summary

Josh Turley, Tony Yankovich, and Steve Saltzgiver talk shop about some of the everyday challenges that keep fleet managers up at night. From incompetent techs and distracted drivers to supply chain issues and skyrocketing fuel prices. Listen in as this trio of fleet experts share some real-world horror stories that might just sound familiar.

Episode Notes

Are you losing sleep over running your fleet? It’s no surprise. Being a fleet manager is a demanding job with lots to manage and what can seem like uncontrollable risks.  

Josh, Tony, and Steve dig into the biggest challenges facing fleet managers today: techs skipping DVIRs, distracted drivers getting into accidents, cost management, volatile fuel prices, mandates to switch to EVs, and a handful of other issues. Whatever problems are keeping you up at night, these guys can relate. And they might even have a solution or two. 

Tune in to this episode for some real-world stories and practical advice.

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